What Is popular or right?

It has been said that “what is popular is not right and what is right is not popular.” How true is that statement in view of the culture in which we live. Man rushes to manufacture gods in which will give them fulfillment in this life, only to find that they are still left empty. They grasp for some meaning to life but they are looking in the wrong places!

Jesus told His disciples just before the Cross, that they would be hated by the world. (John 15) In reality it is our Lord Jesus Christ that lost man hates. Jesus clearly warned the disciples that to be right with God would surely mean that the unsaved world would not accept them. Paul wrote Timothy that all who live godly SHALL suffer persecution. (2 Timothy 3:12)

So, what are we seeking? The approval of this wicked world? Or are we looking for the approval of the Holy God who is the Creator of the Universe? Are we searching for that which is popular or right?


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