About the Pastor

    We are happy to announce that Milwaukee Baptist Church has recently called a new pastor! Our new pastor is pastor Ken Banks.  Pastor Banks joins our church along with his wonderful wife Lisa, and his children Emma, Hannah, and Nehemiah.  Pastor Banks also has two other children that will join us on occasion: Christian and Abigail.

Pastor Banks received his Bachelors in Biblical Studies from Shasta Bible College, his Masters in Biblical Studies from Maranatha Baptist University, and currently writing his dissertation on justification for his PhD in Biblical studies from Piedmont International University.

Pastor Banks is passionate about the subjects of Bible Interpretation (traditional dispensationalism), our salvation by grace through faith alone, and Biblical eschatology.  The goal of our new pastor is to take seriously the admonition to teach and preach God’s word so that the members can all grow in there walk with Christ.  He is always looking for people who love to talk doctrine!