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The Impact of the Resurrection

Tuesday, 26 March, 2013

For true believers, this is a special time of the year. Once again we ponder the impact of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are several key ideas in which to consider. First, the resurrection of Christ has changed countless lives since that day. Believer after believer can give testimony of how Jesus […]

What’s A Believer To Do?

Monday, 22 October, 2012

As the November 6 election is nearing, the Christian is faced with choices. For some, the choice would seem to be whether they should even vote. Their reasoning is that Christ is the answer to our problems, not personalities. Though that is true, we also must realize that voting is a privilege and right granted […]


Saturday, 11 August, 2012

Welcome to our newly designed website. Please be patient as we continue to add to it. It is our desire that it will more effectively communicate to you not only our church, but also the truths of God’s Word.

Welcome to Milwaukee Baptist Church

Tuesday, 21 February, 2012

We at Milwaukee Baptist Church have a vision to demonstrate God’s law and God’s love to our community and beyond. True happiness and fulfillment can only be found in a life saved from sin and dedicated to Jesus Christ.Our ministries are designed to reach every age and to teach the Bible as the answer to […]