The Impact of the Resurrection

For true believers, this is a special time of the year. Once again we ponder the impact of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are several key ideas in which to consider.

First, the resurrection of Christ has changed countless lives since that day. Believer after believer can give testimony of how Jesus has transformed them. The redeeming work on the cross and the empty tomb are still giving hope to the hopeless!

Second, we must also mention how unique real Christianity truly is. No other world religion can boast of a living savior that has conquered death. Mohammed is dead and Buddha has passed on, but Jesus Christ is alive forever more!

Third, though there are still many naysayers who deny the bodily resurrection of Christ, there is no logical argument that can prove the empty tomb is a fraud. Every argument against would never stand up in a court of law. I Cor. 15 even states that at one time over 500 saw the risen Christ. In the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses the truth is established.

For born again Christians, this is a special time. If you have never been saved from your sins, won’t you consider the Lord Jesus Christ? If you do not know Christ personally, this can be a special time for you as well!!


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